TechStuff Rerun: Machine Consciousness

Hinzugefügt: 5. Mai 2021 - Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4

Is it really possible for a machine to achieve consciousness? What does consciousness even mean? From philosophy to technological obstacles, we look at the problems and possibilities. Learn more...

Tech News: AOL and Yahoo Might Get Sold Again

Hinzugefügt: 4. Mai 2021

Verizon is looking to offload AOL and Yahoo (for about half of what the company paid for them). Facebook hates Apple's new iOS rules. Sony hates crossplay. And Jonathan hates thunderstorms. Learn...

Pokemon Go Keeps On Going

Hinzugefügt: 3. Mai 2021

In a continuation of our story about Niantic, we learn how the company has grown thanks to Pokemon, and how a young wizard's spell totally failed to repeat its success. Learn more about your...

TechStuff Classic: How Hydrogen Fuel Works: Part Two

Hinzugefügt: 30. April 2021

How are we using hydrogen today and how might we use it in the future? Learn more about your ad-choices at

Smart Talks with IBM – Reshaping the Future with Women in AI

Hinzugefügt: 29. April 2021

Today, women represent approximately 22% of the AI workforce. But IBM is out to change that by increasing diversity not just in hiring but through programs such as Women Leaders in AI that...

The Rise of Niantic

Hinzugefügt: 29. April 2021

This is the story of the founding of Niantic, the company behind the hit smartphone game Pokemon Go. From shipwrecks to corporate acquisitions, we learn about the early days at the company. Learn...

Tech News: Beavers Hate the Internet

Hinzugefügt: 27. April 2021

Apple has some new challenges. Google and Roku are having a spat. And a beaver in Canada decided to destroy the Internet. Kind of. Learn more about your ad-choices at...

A Concrete Problem

Hinzugefügt: 26. April 2021

Concrete is one of the most useful materials humans have ever made. But it also represents a big source of greenhouse gas emissions. How do we solve that problem? Learn more about your ad-choices...

TechStuff Classic: How Hydrogen Fuel Works: Part One

Hinzugefügt: 23. April 2021

Could hydrogen be the fuel of the future? We look at the most plentiful element in the galaxy and discuss the possibility. Learn more about your ad-choices at

Machine Learning 101

Hinzugefügt: 21. April 2021

Why is it so hard to define concepts like artificial intelligence and machine learning? What do those even mean? And how does it work? We take a very high level look at AI and machine learning....

Can't Quit the QWERTY Keyboard

Hinzugefügt: 19. April 2021

The modern QWERTY keyboard has had pretty much the same layout for more than a century. Why do we still rely on keyboards (and the computer mouse as well)? We explore input devices and the...

TechStuff Classic: How Washing Machines Work

Hinzugefügt: 16. April 2021

What makes washers tick? How have they evolved over time to become more energy efficient and conserve water? And what's going on in there? Learn more about your ad-choices at...

Rerun: Is Carbon Dating on the way out?

Hinzugefügt: 16. April 2021

How does radiocarbon dating work? And why might it be less reliable in the future? Learn about carbon-14 and how it can be used to guess when ancient things were alive. Learn more about your...

The Mortal Kombat Konquest

Hinzugefügt: 14. April 2021

After launching in 1992, Mortal Kombat would spawn a massive franchise. It would also burn out the creators of the franchise and the company that spawned it would go out of business. And yet the...

Tech News: Nuclear Sabotage and Pizza Robots

Hinzugefügt: 13. April 2021

Iran reports that a cyber attack shut down the Natanz nuclear reactor. A former Facebook employee says that the company turned a blind eye to state-backed misinformation campaigns. And if you live...

The Komplicated Story of Midway Games

Hinzugefügt: 12. April 2021

The company that created Mortal Kombat has a complicated past that intertwines with lots of other companies. This is part one of the story of Midway. Learn more about your ad-choices at...

TechStuff Classic: The Secrets of Tor and the Deep Web

Hinzugefügt: 9. April 2021

What is Tor? What's the web under the web? What's really going on? We dish out the details. Learn more about your ad-choices at

Tech News: Questions For Facebook, No More Answers from Yahoo

Hinzugefügt: 8. April 2021

What's going on with the Facebook data breach that saw personal data from half a billion accounts compromised? Why are Signal app users upset? And why oh why is Yahoo Answers going away? Learn more...

Tech News: Apple Says AR Will Make You a Better Conversationalist

Hinzugefügt: 6. April 2021

Why does Apple CEO think augmented reality will make conversations better? Did Amazon terminate two employees illegally because they criticized the company? And Google addresses an old issue that...

The James Webb Space Telescope

Hinzugefügt: 5. April 2021

After several delays, we expect to launch the James Webb Space Telescope later this year. Where is it going, what is it looking for, and how did it lead to Jonathan getting a tattoo? Learn more...