Keith and The Girl

3396: Keith’s Birthday Spectacular 2021 w/ Newsy, Calvin Cato, Myka Fox, Christian Finnegan, Ophira Eisenberg, and Kevin Allison

Hinzugefügt: 15. April 2021

Some of your favorite KATG guests join KATG to celebrate Keith’s big day. Keith and Chemda discuss Bernie Madoff’s passing and then the party begins: BBC’s diversity chief says Idris Elba’s Luther...

3395: Comedy Cake

Hinzugefügt: 12. April 2021

Keith and Chemda are excited for KATG Week! It’s this week! It’s now! Explosion emoji! KATG also talks about COVID-fights, bitch restaurant managers, the real reason you eat at restaurants,...

3394: Cradle 2 the Grave

Hinzugefügt: 9. April 2021

Keith’s dad can’t stop, and he won’t stop. After a Malley family update, KATG talks about the deaths of Prince Phillip and DMX and the relationship between Khloé Kardashian and Keith’s stepson. Oh...

3393: Why Cats are Assholes w/ Liz Miele

Hinzugefügt: 7. April 2021

Liz, a comedian, cat devotee, and author, joins KATG to explain to Keith the beauty of cats (capable of scratching, biting, hissing, and jumping on everything) over the wonder of dogs (capable of...

3392: Before You Start Rolling Your Eyes ... w/ Danny Vega and Sara Levine

Hinzugefügt: 3. April 2021

We learn the latest about Father Malley and his crusade to save his kids’ souls during this special time, then Am I the Asshole? hosts Danny and Sara join in to talk about April Fools’ Day during a...

3391: Titan Truth Podcast w/ Hannah Boone

Hinzugefügt: 1. April 2021

After a discussion of Keith vs. Godzilla vs. King Kong, Hannah Boone zooms by to discuss dating, toxicity, and getting your god damn picture taken. The gang talks about New York’s legalization of...

3390: Love Canal

Hinzugefügt: 29. März 2021

Keith and Chemda discuss love problems, New York’s legalization of recreational weed, Ever Given and the Suez Canal catastrophe, coronavirus and coronavaccine updates, and APRIL’S KATG WEEK...

3389: ¡Ay, caramba! w/ Dana Gould

Hinzugefügt: 26. März 2021

Comedy legend Dana Gould (stand-up, The Ben Stiller Show writer, The Simpsons producer) talks about the behind-the-scenes of Hollywood actors such as Tom Cruise, Jon Bon Jovi, and Larry King, the...

3388: Big Time Stories w/ Jen Spyra

Hinzugefügt: 24. März 2021

Comedy writer Jen Spyra joins KATG to talk about the rated R version of Mrs. Doubtfire, Krispy Kreme’s free donuts to vaccinated people, and Cinnamon Shrimp Crunch. The gang discusses love at...

3387: Cloak & Dagger w/ Craig Klein

Hinzugefügt: 22. März 2021

Keith and Chemda are joined by longtime friend Craig Klein as they discuss Miami Beach’s out of control Spring Break, a volatile episode of Silent Trailers, and an inside look at comedian Andy...

3386: The History of Stand-Up w/ Wayne Federman

Hinzugefügt: 19. März 2021

Wayne joins the fun to talk about basketball legend Pistol Pete Maravich, the history of stand-up comedy, and how to hear what women are saying anywhere and anytime. The gang talks about agnostics,...

3385: Get a Grip w/ Melody Kamali and Ashley Gavin

Hinzugefügt: 17. März 2021

The hosts of Dyking Out and We’re Having Gay Sex join the party to discuss the conservative crusade against Wet Ass Pussy, Keith’s COVID-19 test, New York Governor Mario Cuomo’s large hands and...

3384: The Bristol Scale

Hinzugefügt: 15. März 2021

Keith and Chemda discuss the stress of Steak and Blowjob Day before diving into the world’s news. Chris Harrison is dropped as host of The Bachelorette, George Floyd’s family received a $27 million...

3383: Problem Areas w/ Wyatt Cenac

Hinzugefügt: 12. März 2021

Wyatt talks about his letter campaign to get on SNL and how it landed him an internship on the show, his attempt to interview his father’s murderer, being the only black person at work/in the...

3382: Self-Medicated w/ Murf Meyer

Hinzugefügt: 10. März 2021

Abuse, drugs, and the Harm Reduction movement

3381: 16 Years Down

Hinzugefügt: 8. März 2021

Keith and Chemda’s yearly celebratory meal goes digital and listeners reminisce; Allen vs. Farrow; Keith and Kyle’s cat make up; Oprah interviews Harry and Meghan; Coming 2 America reviewed; 2021...

3380: Don’t Mock the Cat w/ Joe DeVito and Subhah Agarwal

Hinzugefügt: 5. März 2021

Keith vs. Kyle’s cat; Chemda reviews Nomadland; Mr. Show’s Jay Johnston and the Capitol insurrection; man stabbed to death by his cockfighting rooster

3379: Goo Goo Gaga w/ J.P. McDade and Dylan Adler

Hinzugefügt: 3. März 2021

Being invited to coronavirus parties and states opening up 100%; Lady Gaga’s $500,000 French bulldogs anonymously returned; pedophilitic USA Olympic gymnastics coach commits suicide; Chris D’Elia’s...

3378: Drum Solo w/ Nikki Bon

Hinzugefügt: 1. März 2021

Training your father and dealing with his replacements; 78th Golden Globe Awards

3377: Cleaning House w/ Lucas Connolly

Hinzugefügt: 26. Februar 2021

VR porn; therapy scams; Lady Gaga’s $500,000 dogs; Britney Spears, Columbus Short, and the N-word; Jews vs. SNL