Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy: 1900

Kategorie: Computer und Technologie
Kanal: Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy
Datum: 6. Juni 2022, 1:30
Stufe: C1-C2 (Fortgeschrittene)

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A Right to Repair law passes in New York. What are some alternative scanner software? What's the best way to integrate a newer TV into an older receiver? Can you recover deleted emails in iCloud? Laptop recommendations for basic computing needs. What's the easiest way to move files from a laptop to your iPhone? Why are a caller's outbound cellphone calls constantly failing? 17" laptop & printer recommendations. Plus, catching up with Rod Pyle.

  • Right to Repair law passed in New York.
  • Right to Disconnect policy in Toronto.
  • 32-bit vs 64-bit machines.
  • Alternative scanner software.
  • Integrating a new TV into an older receiver.
  • Troubleshooting internet connectivity in rural America.
  • Recovering deleted emails in iCloud.
  • An informative story from a caller about Mint Mobile and Twitter.
  • Laptop suggestions for basic computing needs.
  • Moving files from a laptop to your iPhone.
  • Rod Pyle and Voyager acting up & new moon suits.
  • Why is a caller's outbound cellphone calls failing constantly?
  • 17" laptop & printer recommendations.

Host: Leo Laporte

Guest: Rod Pyle

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