Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy: 1898

Kategorie: Computer und Technologie
Kanal: Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy
Datum: 30. Mai 2022, 1:30
Stufe: C1-C2 (Fortgeschrittene)

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How to set up a failover router. Which platform is best for buying ads? Why did an LG phone fail a "routine safety check?" What is cryptocurrency? Alternatives to SlingBox. What's the no-sender glitch on iPhone? How to digitize old family photos. Can you output video from an all-in-one computer? What is Starry? Plus, a conversation with Sam Abuelsamid.

  • Seth Green's Bored Ape stolen: now he can't make his NFT show.
  • Setting up a failover router & dynamic IP's.
  • Sam Abuelsamid and the Kia EV6.
  • Most efficient ads one can buy to promote something.
  • Locked out of Windows account after attempting to install Microsoft Office.
  • Why a LG phone failed a "routine safety check."
  • What is Cryptocurrency and what can you do with it?
  • Are there SlingBox alternatives after support has ended for the product?
  • What's the no-sender glitch on iPhone?
  • Digitizing old family photos.
  • A caller's universal remote is not working with their TV.
  • Outputting video from an all-in-one computer.
  • Starry: another option for an ISP?

Host: Leo Laporte

Guest: Sam Abuelsamid

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